What We Offer

Hot Drop Development


Hot Drop can take both well-developed and early stage ideas for both live action and animated televisions shows and spin them out into fully realized bibles with pilot scripts that are ready for the eyes of broadcasters and financiers.

Depending on your production needs we can then story edit and oversee the development of these series into production ready scripts using our stable of experienced award winning screenwriting and story editing talent.

We are currently doing this for three separate shows with over 150 commissioned episodes for series currently in production. We can do it for your idea, for any age group or target audience and will use writing talent that is carefully selected so their experience and ability fit in perfectly with the unique tone and voice of each individual project.

Collectively we have worked with hundreds of different screenwriters in our decades of combined industry experience. If you have a show that we fall in love with then we can find you the exact personnel and talent to realize it to its most engaging and entertaining potential. We strive to make the best shows possible and create an environment where the talent that collaborates with us does their very best work. In this department our past track record speaks for itself.

We do also Punch-Ups, Rewrites, and Consultations on projects in any state of development. We provide extensive coverage on projects and have done extensive project evaluations and script/story editing with individuals, production companies, and film bodies on both sides of the Atlantic.

If you’ve any further questions regarding any of your ideas/shows or the development of your intellectual property then please feel free to contact us. We’ll do our very best to get back to you are the earliest available opportunity.

Hot Drop Productions

We are also currently developing and nurturing our own original content for both Live Action Features and Series. If you have an offbeat and engaging idea you need to find a home for, please feel free to approach us. We are always looking to forge new creative alliances with up and coming and established talent too.

We are very busy with the various development tasks listed above, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves if a project is really and truly a good idea but really and truly needs the support to turn it into a winning idea ready for production..

We like to remember what it was like to start out in this biz. We will be seeking to launch initiatives that broaden the channels of opportunity for newbies and enhances the industry as a whole. That’s all we can say for now but stay tuned for some potentially exciting announcements soon.