Our Work

Hot Drop currently has over 150 commissioned episodes of animated Television in development for a multitude of clients from around the globe. These shows are all in active live production and will be airing towards the end of 2015 and throughout 2016 and have already sold to all major Television territories. We are already positioned to expand upon this slate in the coming months as well as develop our own animated and live action intellectual properties.

Current and Past clients and employers include the BBC, RTE, Aardman Animations, Singapore’s ONE Animation, Cartoon Network Studios Europe, Cartoon Network Studios Arabia and Aurora World Productions, South Korea, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and JAM Media just to name a few.

Personal Development

Hot Drop has also recently produced it first live action short film, Personal Development with the support of The Irish Film Board’s Signatures scheme. ‘Personal Development’ made its international debut at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, to great acclaim, and has been accepted into over 20 notable festivals since, including Palm Springs, Brussels International Short Film Festival, CEE in Vienna, Archipelago in Rome, IndieLisbon in Portugal just to name a few. We had the great honour of being selected as part of Seattle International Film Festival’s “Best in Fest Program” and were voted in the top 3 short films as voted for by the audience there. Most recently we were awarded “Best Irish Short” at the Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival.

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Work In Development

Mother Knows Best
(Short) - Comedy

When a young woman brings home her college boyfriend for the first time, sparks fly over whether they’ll be allowed sleep in the same room.

Syndicate High

The consciousness of a murdered gangster lands in the body of a troubled teen – he must now navigate this strange new world while exacting his revenge in the old.

Name Widthheld
(Series) - Historical Drama

A forsaken young woman must traverse the tumultuous and violent landscape of 12th Century Ireland.

The Beacon
(Series) - Supernatural Thriller

Recently released schizophrenic Malachy Garvey discovers that he may not have been mentally ill after all. When he strikes it lucky with a well paid but grisly job in biohazard removal his future begins to look rosy again, until his hallucinations make an unwelcome return. However this time the messages he’s receiving bear an uncanny resemblance to the facts around the criminal cases he’s sent in to clean up after.

(Feature) - Supernatural Thriller

When Jon Fell inherits custody of his 4-year-old nephew from his estranged sister after a tragic accident, his life is turned upside dow n. Never the most paternalistic type, Jon struggles to cope with looking after a traumatised child who seems convinced that his mother will come back again as a baby ju st like he did ‘this time around’. Putting these claims of reincarnation aside, Jon ventures to try and find the boy’s father so he can be raised by his own flesh and b lood. When he follows the clues laid out by boy’s claims in the hope it might lead him to his genetic father, he is instead led to a commune of friendly and welcome ind ividuals who belong to a religious organisation: A cult that has been missing its leader since around the time of the boy’s birth.

(Feature) - Drama

A woman dying of cancer moves to a secluded clifftop home to spend her final days in peace and quiet, only to find she’s right smack on top of the local suicide spot. Now this woman, who wants nothing more than to die, must suddenly find ways to help a small band of unexpected friends to live.